Goalie Uniforms

We are also offering goalie uniforms in different colors and styles. The are designed by using industrial material. The fine quality fabric has the property to absorb sweat. It is also stretchable, thus quite helpful in making easy movements.

At DRH sports, we are offering custom sublimated goalie uniform in latest shades and designs. We also offer it in customized designs. Our exports will design these clothing as per your requirement. Our uniform will contain the logo of your team along with the brand names of the sponsorers.

We also assist you in designing the logo of your team. This facility is available at no extra cost.;

Goalkeeper plays very important role in a Football team. You have to dive, leap, jump, bow and do anything to stop the ball from the opponent team. Thus you need to be focused and ought to keep your eyes on the ball. In addition you need to wear the most comfortable shorts and jerseys so that there is no hassle in making any movement on the field. We at DRH Sports well understand your role and position in the team and design most comfortable football apparel so that you give your best performance on the field and score over your competitors. Get A Quote

Goalie Shirt

Goalie Short

Attractive Features of DRH Sports Goalie Uniform

  • Stretchable so as to provide flexibility in running 
  • Customized design as per your need
  • Include the logo of the team
  • Include the logo of the sponsorers
  • Include names & numbers of players
  • Made up of fine quality material
  • Fine fitting

Our experts will give a unique look to your goalie. You will get the exclusive design along with comfort and fine fitting.


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