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Training Ball Manufacturers Argentina

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Durable and fine stitching

DRH Sports is a renowned training ball manufacturer in Argentina. Our training balls are made of long-lasting, high quality material. Our training balls offer high performance due to its fine stitching. We have a wide range of training balls for soccer, football, baseball and so on.

High performance

Our training balls are made from synthetic material. Our training balls guarantee high performance to the players during the training session. Though the training balls are not strong as real balls, our training balls can be used in harsh training games with ease. Check with our training ball supplier in Argentina for more details.

Customizable training balls

Our training balls are water resistant and can be used in any weather conditions. We are specialized in customizing the training balls. We offer multiple colours to design the best training balls in Argentina. We can also digital print the graphics, images and text on the training ball to give it a unique look.

Training Ball ( TB-04 )

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Football Training Ball ( TBM-01 )

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Baseball Training Ball ( TBS-02 )

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Training Soccer Ball ( TBW-03 )

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