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Abdominal Guard Manufacturers Fiji

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Why should you use abdominal guards?

Abdominal guards are vital accessory in a cricket game. No matter how experienced the player is, abdominal guard should always be worn in the field. It provides proper protection against the unexpected accidents. Check out the great range of cricket products at the top abdominal guard manufacturer in Fiji, DRH Sports.

What do we offer?

Our abdominal guards are made from strong plastic with slip-in guard. The poly protector in the guards will protect the player in the field. The abdominal guards are bordered by the foam with fluffed cotton to provide maximum comfort. Contact our abdominal guard supplier in Fiji to know more about our products.

Durable abdominal guards

Our best collection of abdominal guard in Fiji is ergonomically shaped with padded design. Our guards are lightweight and soft to touch which makes the player comfortable. The superior quality material provides proper groin protection.

Abdominal Guard ( AGS-04 )

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Abdominal Guard For Women ( AGS-01 )

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Abdominal Guard For Men ( AGM-02 )

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Cricket Abdominal Guard ( AGW-03 )

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