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Cricket Helmet Manufacturers in Frankfurt

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Why is cricket helmet important?

Cricket is a dangerous game. The player must be very careful and protect their head from the speeding ball. Contact our cricket helmet manufacturer in Frankfurt to check out the different models of our cricket helmet. Our cricket helmet allows the players to bear the impact of the approaching ball.

Features of our cricket helmet

We are renowned as the top cricket helmet supplier in Frankfurt. We use the durable carbon fibre and Kevlar shell material to give maximum strength to our cricket helmet. The liner inside the helmet has an inflatable material which ensures perfect fit for the player. For maximum comfort and protection, we provide cushion inside the helmet.

Specialty of our cricket helmet

To escape the player from the sweat, we include sweat absorbent feature in our cricket helmet. The solid and sturdy outer part provides protection to both head and ears. Our cricket helmets are lightweight and provide ultimate comfort to the wearer. Hence, our product is popular as the best cricket helmet in Frankfurt.

Cricket Helmet ( CHM-02 )

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Junior Cricket Helmet ( CHS-01 )

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