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Cricket Gloves Manufacturers Tolyatti

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Why should you use cricket gloves?

DRH Sports is the reputed cricket gloves manufacturer in Tolyatti. We offer cricket gloves for both batsmen and wicket keeper. Our cricket gloves offer protection against the speeding ball. We use high quality material to safeguard the players during the game.

Soft and smooth finish

Rigorous games like cricket requires the player to dress up appropriately to endure the tough game. We use multi-layered individual over flaps to provide strong defense to the players. The material we use offer a soft feel and act as a second skin to the wearer. Contact our acclaimed cricket gloves supplier in Tolyatti in case of any queries.

Reliable product

The best quality and durable materials we use makes it the best cricket gloves in Tolyatti. Our cricket gloves can survive the wear and tear of the tough games and have long life on prolonged use. We also offer cricket gloves for the junior players. We enable our customers to customize their cricket gloves according to their desire.

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