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Abdominal Guard

In a cricket match, abdominal guards are wore for protection from speeding ball. Our Cricket Abdominal guards are a guarantee of safety and can save a player from such drastic injuries.

An abdominal guard is also called “L- guard” or “Cup” which fits in the groin area on its own by its design. It is made up of hard plastic and its edges have cushion for comfortable contact with the body. The quality is the reason which would save you from any injury during the match. DRH sports is reputed abdominal guard manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from Pakistan.We supplying abdominal safety guards in bulk order, all over the world.

Abdominal Guard ( AGS-04)

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Abdominal Guard For Women ( AGS-01)

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Abdominal Guard For Men ( AGM-02)

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Cricket Abdominal Guard ( AGW-03)

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