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Sublimation Tights Shorts

Special kind of fabric used

DRH Sports is a renowned sublimation tights shorts manufacturer. We at DRH Sports use special fabric during the manufacturing of tights shorts. The fabric provides a smooth feel and unique feel to the wearer. The wicking property of the fabric keeps you sweat-free and dry all day long.

Fabulous designs and patterns

The tights shorts are made to provide easy stretching and perfect shape. The tights shorts come with the stunning sublimation print. The print can be chosen from our design pattern or designed according to your taste. We provide quick delivery so you can order your supplies from our sublimation tights shorts suppliers without any hesitation.

Comfortable wear

We are honoured as the manufacturer and supplier of the best sublimation tights shorts in Pakistan. We can deliver tights shorts in any colour you desire. Our non-chafing fabric will make you more comfortable and stay focused on the game

Sublimation Tights Short ( ST-01)

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Sublimation Tights Short ( ST-02)

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Sublimation Tights Short ( ST-03)

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