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Sublimation Yoga Pants

What is special about our sublimation yoga pants?

DRH Sports is the renowned sublimation yoga pants manufacturer. The high quality fabric used in our sublimation yoga pants wick away the moisture and provides superior comfort. Our pants can be worn every day and can endure a rigorous workout. The fabric is soft yet thick to give perfect finishing to the pants.

Additional features of sublimation yoga pants

The elastic waistband provides a high rise fit. The yoga pants with high waist fit can act as shaping apparel and give curves to your body. Our yoga pants can be used on multiple occasions like yoga, fitness, running, dancing, exercise and any type of workout. Contact our top sublimation yoga pants supplier to order the best quality pants.

How is the fit?

The material has quick dry property giving sweat-free comfort. Our yoga pants reduce irritation and chafing to the wearers. The lightweight design improves mobility. The soft and stretchy fabric will be helpful for any type of workouts. Due to these features, our product is rated the best sublimation yoga pants in Pakistan.

Sublimation Yoga Pants ( SYP-01)

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Sublimation Yoga Pants ( SYP-02)

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Sublimation Yoga Pants ( SYP-03)

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Sublimation Yoga Pants ( SYP-04)

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Sublimation Yoga Pants ( SYP-05)

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Sublimation Yoga Pants ( SYP-06)

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