Cricket Goods Manufacturers

Cricket Goods Manufacturers

Custom Cricket Goods manufacturer from Australia

DRH Sports has got many years of experience in designing and manufacturing Cricket Goods which makes us leading Cricket Goods Manufacturers in USAOur focus is to provide excellent quality along with the impressive design. To ensure this, we have the manufacturing specialists and professionals along with a skilled team, which deals in designing.

Our wide range of Cricket Goods

We are an acclaimed Cricket Equipments Suppliers and Exporters in Australia. Our offered range of products includes abdominal guards, beach cricket sets, cricket balls, cricket sets, cricket bats, cricket gloves, cricket helmets and cricket pads. Owing to their shrink-resistant features and comfortable fittings, our products are very much in demand in the market.

Made with the help of advanced machinery

We are the leading organization in the market to provide our customers with the best set of creme shirts for cricket. Available in numerous sizes and colors, our provided cricket accessories are designed under the guidance of our skilled professionals by using the finest quality materials.

Abdominal Guard

In a cricket match, abdominal guards are wore for protection from speeding ball. Our Cricket Abdominal guards are a guarantee of safety and can save a player from such drastic injuries.

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Beach Cricket Set

Cricket is the most popular sport in the Indian sub-continent. People who are holidaying near sea beaches can enjoy Beach Cricket with our Beach Cricket Set. They are made up of hard plastic which are strong yet easy to carry and very portable. It features one bat, ball, one base and three stumps.

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Cricket Balls

We provide cricket balls, which are made of best quality leather. We have kept in mind that stitching of a cricket balls should be of foremost importance as the wear and tear depends on stitching only. They have a shiny texture which is necessary in a game of cricket and takes time to lose it.

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Cricket Bats

The best cricket bats are made from English willow and we take core interest in producing our cricket bats from the same wood which is famous all round the world. This wood is considered long-life and strong enough to hit the ball. Our cricket bats follow the international standards for their dimension and weight.

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Cricket Gloves

Cricket is a very dangerous game and players on the field like a batsman or a wicket keeper need to protect themselves from fast approaching ball. To hit the ball hard, or even to defend it, a batsman may play any kind of shot and thus his arm comes in direct contact with the ball. It can injure the hand and thus it becomes highly important to give it a suitable protection

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Cricket Helmet

A players head is the most important part of body while playing a sport. Cricket helmets cover the whole of the skull, and have a grill or Perspex visor to protect the face. The protection of his head is much needed as any kind of impact can cause severe injury and even death right at the moment.

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Cricket Pads

In cricket, pads fall into two types, batting pads and wicket-keeper's pads. Batting pads are usually bigger and broader than wicket-keeper’s pads. A wicket-keeper wears a pad because he needs to grab the ball just behind the wickets and the speeding ball may hit his legs and can cause injury.

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