Cricket Helmet

A players head is the most important part of body while playing a sport. Cricket helmets cover the whole of the skull, and have a grill or Perspex visor to protect the face. The protection of his head is much needed as any kind of impact can cause severe injury and even death right at the moment. A cricket helmet is the most important cricketing gear in the kit of any player. One must choose a helmet with utmost care and check it with immense precision. After all, a players’ life depends upon his choice.

Made up of carbon fiber and Kevlar shell, the helmet is designed to deflect cricket balls as well as shield the wearer from impact, and its liner includes an inflatable element to tightly fit the helmet to its wearer's head. It also has an internal cushion for the head which gives the head comfort and protection at the same time. Our helmets are designed to protect the player at all cost from any uncertainty.


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