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Sublimation Tights

Innovative designs

If you wish to incorporate creative designs on your tights, try our sublimation tights. Attractive graphics can be integrated into the tights as per your wish. We provide timely delivery once the design gets approved by you. We as the leading sublimation tights manufacturer, manufacture tights in a high-quality soft fabric.

Trendy and modern designs

We have the reputation as the best sublimation tights supplier in the market. We have the largest collection of design patterns. The client can also input his/her idea, samples or drawing. Our well-resourced production team will make sure to create exclusive designs for you.

Features of sublimation tights

Our best sublimation tights in Pakistan is made of a soft flexible material for any type of occasion. Elastic waistband is stitched to the tights for maximum comfort. The microfiber yarn used in our tights will never lose its stretch. Our hot and stylish sublimation tights are designed according to the latest trends.

Sublimation Tight ( ST-01)

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Sublimation Tight ( ST-02)

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Sublimation Tight ( ST-03)

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Sublimation Tight ( ST-04)

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Sublimation Tight ( ST-05)

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Sublimation Tight ( ST-06)

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Sublimation Tight ( ST-07)

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