Fabrics Used By Soccer Jersey Manufacturers Manufacturers
Fabrics Used By Soccer Jersey Manufacturers
Fabrics Used by Soccer Jersey Manufacturers

During the mid-20th century, soccer jerseys were ideally made from cotton or wool. But those jerseys retained the heat in the body and made the players soaked up in sweat. Players were uncomfortable due to the excess moisture in their jerseys. With the invention of man-made, synthetic fabric from came to the rescue of the soccer players. Many soccer jersey manufacturers started using synthetic materials to make the soccer jerseys. Let’s find out the different types of fabrics used in soccer jerseys.

Moisture Wicking Polyester

Moisture wicking polyester is one of the best fabric which allowed the athletes to be comfortable and moisture-free. The solid fabric in the material wicked away from the sweat from the body and improved performance of the athletes. This material is durable and can endure wear and tear of rigorous game.

Double-Knit Polyester

Double-knit polyester is one of the toughest fabric. It is an ideal jersey fabric for lacrosse sports. During the game season, this fabric will be in high demand.

Mesh Polyester

Mesh polyester was the fabric which was used before the development of moisture wicking polyester. The mesh fabric enables the air to flow freely into the skin and offers the utmost cooling effect. But this fabric is not durable like the above two fabrics and it can accumulate odour.


Polyester-Cotton is 100% cotton blend but incorporated with many benefits. The main advantage of the fabric is its non-shrinkable property. The fabric is comfortable and breathable. They are also durable than cotton uniforms.

Air-Knit Polyester

Air knit polyester is a fabric which replaced double-knit polyester in certain sports. When compared to double-knit fabric, air-knit polyester ensures better airflow and reliability.

Many Soccer Jersey Manufacturers believe that the uniform plays a vital role in deciding the player’s performance. So, they are striving towards manufacturing the best quality jerseys with air permeable and durable features.

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