Fabrics Used By The Football Uniform Manufacturers Manufacturers
Fabrics Used By The Football Uniform Manufacturers
Fabrics Used by The Football Uniform Manufacturers

Each fabric used in football uniform has unique features and benefits to increase the performance of the player. The selection of fabric depends upon the level of the gameplay. Let’s find out what are the fabrics used by thefootball uniform manufacturers.

SteelMesh fabric

Steelmesh Fabric is very tough to endure the rough play of the football. It not a mesh material but a solid material made from the various layers of cross-woven polyester fibres. This fabric can withstand rigorous playing. The special weave in the fabric allows the player to pull flexibly without stretching the fabric. The fabric is durable and can withstand all the wear and tear with ease. Football Uniform Manufacturers recommend Steelmesh as the best fabric for football. The material has the best sweat absorbent feature which enables the player to stay sweat-free. The extra thick nature of the fabric makes it ideal for cold climate.

FeatherLyte Polyester Fabric

The featherlyte fabric is a lightweight material with high breathable property and wicks away moisture. Though the fabric is lightweight, it is still durable to sustain the rough game. The fabric has medium shine look and soft and smooth to the skin. The fabric is non-transparent and solid. These fabrics are great as a t-shirt model.

SofTech Moisture Wicking Polyester Fabric

This is a soft and comfortable fabric. The fabric is similar to a performance t-shirt fabric and gives a trendy look. The fabric is wrinkle and stain-free. The fabric can hold up to 2 colour vinyl printing. The moisture-wicking property of the fabric allows the body to stay cool and dry.

Tricot Mesh Fabric

Tricot mesh fabric is woven by warp-knit technique. In this technique, long fibres are stitched with looping of cross-hatched threads around each other. This weaving technique gives a classy look and excellent strength to the fabric.

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