The Best Custom Baseball Jersey Fabrics Manufacturers

The Best Custom Baseball Jersey Fabrics

The Best Custom Baseball Jersey Fabrics

Many fabric options are available while designing custom baseball jerseys. As per the game level, it is advised to choose the right baseball fabric to ensure high performance. Air permeable and moisture-free properties are given much importance while selecting a fabric for custom baseball jersey. Let’s find out the features of different fabrics for designing a perfect baseball jersey.

Double-Knit Polyester

Double-Knit polyester is the majorly used, classic jersey material for baseball. The double-knit weaving gives more thickness and more stability. This fabric is shrink-resistance and does not wrinkle. Custom Baseball Jerseys of this material can endure harsh conditions of the game.

Cool Mesh Polyester Fabric

Though cool mesh fabric looks like a cotton fabric, it can keep the player cool and stay dry. The fabric is stain-resistance. The fabric offers the trendy look and feels to the player. The multifilament technology removes the moisture away from the skin and makes the player comfortable and perform well.

Enduramesh Fabric

The specialty of the fabric is that it has the larger openings for extreme breathability. The fabric is transparent and gives a chic style look to the player. Many wear compression undergear to cover up the transparency and increase the performance.

Flexknit Performance Fabric

This fabric is lightweight and allows the air to pass through freely. This fabric is one of the best performance fabric. The fabric is durable and gives a soft feel against the skin. The fabric has a moisture-wicking feature and it can get rid of moisture easily.

Pinstripe warp knit Polyester Fabric

In this fabric, pinstripes are knitted into the material directly. The warp knitting weave makes tough fabrics but gives lightweight and snag-resistant property.

Stadium-Core Moisture Control Fabric

The fabric non-transparent and gives snag and pull-resistant. The material is anti-microbial so it is renowned as odour less fabric. Also, like most of the fabrics, this fabric gives the sweat-free feel.

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