What Do The Sportswear Manufacturers Say About Activewear And Sportswear

What Do The Sportswear Manufacturers Say About Activewear And Sportswear

Activewear and sportswear are completely different from each other. Both attires are created for those who lead an active lifestyle. Sportswear refers to the clothes made especially for sports purposes while activewear is clothes used as both exercise garments and casual wear. Let’s find out what the sportswear manufacturers say about the differences between activewear and sportswear.

Activewear and its features

Activewear is the garments which provide both style and comfort and made up of highly functional materials. Hoodies, parkas, pants, and crew neck fleece sweaters are some of the examples of activewear garments which can be used for exercising and then can be transformed into casual cloth with style and grace. The fabric and cut of the attire serve the purpose of both. People who lead an active life can be casually dressed in activewear and feel comfortable and trendy. Accessories and footwear are also available in activewear.

Sportswear and its features

Sportswear is basically garments, footwear, and accessories that are mainly designed for sports purposes. There are certain features required for sportswear like high performance material, thermal properties, reliability, comfort, and fabric weight as per the different sports needs. For example, swimming wear should be water-resistant. Spandex is the best material which is suitable for high stretch. The thermal features are incorporated in sportswear to make the players feel warm in cold weather and cool in a hot climate. So, the Sportswear Manufacturers say that the fabric and style are not diverse like activewear clothes. Polo shirts, wetsuits, leotards, jerseys sports bras and many more belong to the list of sportswear. It is essential to integrate protective gear to the sportswear to ensure safety. Sportswear can also be a uniform for a team. For instance, martial arts sportswear is also a uniform without any special features.