Design Your Cricket Uniform With Drh Sports Manufacturers
Design Your Cricket Uniform With Drh Sports
Design Your Cricket Uniform with DRH Sports
The game of cricket has made millions of people crazy. This is a widely played game. You can easily find the fans, lovers, and players for this game. In several countries, the fans follow this game like a religion. There is excitement, adventure, and thrill associated with this game. The battle between ball and bat offers a pleasing experience to the spectators.

Apart from ball and bat, another very important part of this game is cricket uniforms. This game follows the rule of the uniform dress code. So, it is mandatory to play the game while dressing up in the uniforms. With the evolution of the new trends in the fashion industry, the designing of these has also changed. Now, these are available in attractive designs and shades. DRH sports are one of the best Cricket Shirts Manufacturers and give you results which you will be thoroughly satisfied with.

Though, Cricket equipment and clothing is controlled by the laws of cricket and are produced by test cricket uniforms suppliers. Polo shirts are commonly used by the teams. They may be long sleeve or short sleeve according to the players' requirement. The basic clothing and equipment include shirt, trouser, jumper vest, L-guard, jockstrap, helmet or cricket cap, spiked shoes, leg pads, thigh/arm guards, gloves and sunglasses. Batsman always wears a helmet to provide protection to head; however, it's not mandatory to wear a helmet when the bowler is a spinner.

The uniform worn by the cricket players are is also called as cricket whites. It consists of a trouser, shirt, jumper, and jockstrap. It can be short or long sleeve according to the player's requirement. Cricket uniform manufacturers make the uniforms with lightweight breathable fabric in order to provide a comfort zone while playing infield. Polyester fabric is used widely for making these uniforms. Jerseys can be of sublimated design or plain white. You can get your uniform done by DRH sports as they are the leading Cricket Uniforms Manufacturers in your country.
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