Different Methods Of Manufacture Of Volleyball Uniforms Manufacturers
Different Methods Of Manufacture Of Volleyball Uniforms
Different Methods of Manufacture of Volleyball Uniforms

It is the aim of the sports goods manufacturer to make quality items that are comfortable and stylish. To achieve this, care is taken to use the most resilient material that is priced low and has good qualities. The top choice of the material is spandex and nylon because they wick well. To provide stretchability, a little polyester is added. This also increases the breathability of the fabric and this aspect is important for wicking and adding to the comfort. 

Choose the proper model

You get many models from the Custom Volleyball Uniforms Manufacturers made to stand up to the tough rigors of the modern game. Choose the one that suits your needs and place your order. Volleyball players use sublimated sleeveless or sublimated short-sleeve jerseys and shorts. This is to improve their movement and allow them the freedom to move around freely and play their best game.

Volleyball is a fast-paced game and so the players sweat a lot. The material must be soft and should absorb sweat well. The game is played between two sets of six players who are separated by a net. The players have to jump up to hit the ball over the net into the other side. This causes considerable stretching of the jerseys and so the material must be designed to withstand this kind of stretching force. Miracle Microfiber is a modern-day material that compares well to cotton and spandex. It is manufactured using nylons or polyesters. It wicks moisture easily and this is its best aspect.

Use of screen printing

Screen printing is another way to do the printing for the uniforms. For this we make use of a screen mounted on a frame. This has the design on it and on this the printing ink is pressed. This will push the ink through the holes on the dress. The dress is quickly removed and the next one is placed. This is also subjected to the same treatment and the dress is dried to preserve the pattern that is printed on it. 

Use of sublimation technology

Many kinds of technology are in use today and one is sublimation. The Sublimation Volleyball Jersey Exporters know the beauty of their goods. Printing is essential because it helps the spectators identify the player and the team he or she is playing for. Sublimation is a good way to print the designs on the dresses. Here we allow the ink to sublimate and the vapor will be pressed on the fabric. Once the different colors are absorbed into the fabric, the dress is removed and allowed to dry. The choice of uniform fabric is important because the wrong choice will leave the ink smudged. The use of proper ink that sublimates well is also important. 

One must look for a low-priced sports uniform supplier because this will help reduce the cost. Bringing the cost down helps to protect the future of the game and preserve the interests of the players. Using a regular supplier and experienced manufacturer also helps reduce costs. You get high-quality sports dresses for a low price and this is good.

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