The Styling Guide With Polo Shirts Manufacturers
The Styling Guide With Polo Shirts
The Styling Guide With Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are an all time favorite for men and women these days. The name polo resonates with some big brands and polo shirts manufacturers like Lacoste, Eden Park, Raph Laurens and Fred Perry. But this piece quilted cotton suffers from its sportswear side too pronounced. Forget that idea and see all the possibilities of polo. The detailed review is on!

The Sportswear Style: Inevitable

The favorite polo style- For everyone, polo rhymes with sport. Premium sports course as dresses for decades tennis players. The easiest and fastest for this look would be donning a vintage jogging. But we do not like ease! To avoid falling into banality, you need torn or faded jeans with a rope belt. Jersey bag (for sportswear side) and a cap, sports shoes, sneakers or not, the choice is left to you. Everything depends on your desire. To complete the look, a fine knit cardigan or a sports jacket will be the ideal choice. With this outfit, polo can be striped, patterned or plain. It is his world, let it be expressed.

The Alternative Casual

The casual chic adapts perfectly to the sporting elegance of polo. Polo will be perfect agreement with chino style trousers and canvas blazer jacket. For the look completely glue the two styles, polo must be a solid color. You can choose some models with a set pattern or stripes on the cuffs or side of the garment. Some simple and discreet details should be added to not break the chic side of the holding.

For the rest of the selection, shoe soft leather towns and a tote will be the companions of the bag look. You can add a leather strap or bracelet then fabric or a pair of glasses without correction to add a dandy touch to this outfit. But that is up to you!
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