Instructions For Designing Uniform Design Manufacturers
Instructions For Designing Uniform Design
Instructions for Designing Uniform Design
  • Understand all aspects of the sport that you are designing uniforms searching mixtures of fabrics and trim that will respond correctly when the carriers bend, run, run, lunge, jump and make other movements that distinguish a sport of 'other. Explore some sports uniform manufacturers to assess the nature of the uniform design to understand the form and function with regard to the uniform contemporary fashion.

  • The existing study uniform worn by those involved in your sport to see how they are cut, constructed and sewn. Buy a well-made uniform and use a seam ripper to take sections out to get a thorough understanding of how the garment is implemented.

  • Take a sketchbook and pen drawing to restore your version of the new uniform design or go directly to your computer to do the job, starting your favorite graphic design software to 'view the concept art. Use the uniform of the sample you deconstructed as a base, then add your own lines, seams and cut to come up with an original model of uniform.

  • Introduce new design uniform to other team members for feedback if you are not able to take a unilateral decision. Make modifications based on the team members of recommendations and get everyone involved to approve the final design.

  • Choose a color palette of the team, if it has not already been selected or if the current colors are outdated or unflattering. Ensure that other your league teams do not use the color you select. Consider a variety of fabrics for stains, dirt and ground-resilient properties, if your gym has a lot of physical contact in the external environment.

  • A sample of your uniform design freelance seamstress sports, tailor or factory, if you are not able to do yourself. Put the uniform to work in the field, on the field or in the gym to see how it moves and looks in action. Wash several times. Once you're happy with how it feels, looks and holds in place, you are ready to ready to order uniform for everyone on the team list.

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