Various Types Of Cricket Uniform For Training And Match Purpose Manufacturers
Various Types Of Cricket Uniform For Training And Match Purpose
Various Types of Cricket Uniform for Training and Match Purpose

Cricket is a very popular game which is played by people worldwide. This game was first played in the late 16th century. A cricket player needs to wear a proper uniform to play the game and also need proper gear for playing the game without getting any injury. Cricket Uniform is total white in colour which is called flannels. This is the dress which is worn by cricketers during the time of training and test matches. 

Trousers Worn by Cricketers

Cricket Trousers worn by the players are made by manufacturers using different types of flannel materials. But modern day trousers worn by the cricketers have elastic content which is very high. This is so that it does not get damaged while a player is fielding. Mainly the trouser players wear during a test match is white but when representing the country in a one-day match, the player wears a particular colourful uniform.

Shirts of Cricketers

The Cricket Shirts worn by the players are of the same material as the trousers are. And these shirts worn by them are white too. A player can wear long or short sleeves according to his preference. Most wicketkeepers prefer wearing a long-sleeve shirt while bowlers like wearing short-sleeve shirts. The reason for wicketkeepers wearing long-sleeve is to protect themselves while diving for the ball.

Cricket Shorts and Vests

Cricket Shorts are worn by players mainly during training. During a match, a player has to wear long pants. So these shorts are just for training purposes. These are very handy when the weather's very hot. These shorts are made of 100% polyester fabric.  These are very light but are durable.

Vests are worn by the players if the weather is cold or chilly. These vests are mainly sleeveless but a player can wear a full-sleeve vest too if that’s the player’s preference. To keep themselves warm while playing a match in a cold weather cricketers wear these vests.

Wearing a proper uniform while playing cricket is a must no matter whether you are training or going to play a match. This applies to every cricket player. 

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